The Khor Kharfot Foundation (KKF) is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Texas, U.S.A. The Foundation was created late 2013 as a result of the interest of several individuals in the study of Khor Kharfot, an uninhabited inlet on the coast of Dhofar, southern Oman.

The modern name of the site is taken from the Arabic Khor (“inlet”) and the earlier Mahri term Kharfot (“the monsoon rains have brought abundance”). It is the coastal mouth of Wadi Sayq (“River Valley”), the major drainage of the Qamar mountains, and of Wadi Kharfot. As with all other inlets in Oman it is now closed from the ocean by a sand bar.

An illustrated introduction to Khor Kharfot can be viewed at:

www.wmenews.com/newsletters/1366812925wmenews_V6_I4_eng.pdf (English)

www.wmenews.com/newsletters/1366812925WMENewsV6I4_ar.pdf (Arabic)

The inlet’s location, unique geography and flora means that it has potential historic significance in the pre-Islamic period, dating back to the ancient incense trade and earlier. It contains the last remnants of the subtropical deciduous forests that existed in Arabia anciently. Currently, however, serious environmental stresses threaten the location, which has yet to be fully explored and documented.

The Foundation exists, therefore, to help facilitate exploration and documentation of Khor Kharfot in its anthropological, archaeological, faunal and botanical aspects so that the history of human occupation is better understood. At all times the most qualified specialists will be utilized and, wherever possible, Omani citizens will be involved in the effort.

Publication of findings will be undertaken as expeditiously as possible in both popular and scholarly outlets.

With the generous assistance of Meridian Magazine, the Foundation solicits funds toward that end. All donations to the Foundation are tax-exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

The Khor Kharfot Foundation has no connection with any other organization.

Our Team

Chairman and President: R. Clyde Parker, Jr
Vice-President: Mark Hamilton
Vice-President: Scot Facer Proctor
Vice-President: Maurine Proctor
Secretary & Treasurer: Karen Parker
Consultant Archaeologist:

F. Richard Hauck, Ph.D.,  principal of Archaeological Research Institute and Co-Director of Archaeological Research Program for Khor Kharfot, Dhofar, Oman



The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of personnel at universities in Oman in this effort.